NOWINTHEPASTINTHEFUTUREINTHENOW plays with the notions and perceptions of time spectrum, investigates its refractions & distortions in the space continuum, and ourselves, inside this shifting structure. It also embodies the idea of non-acceptance of our predestined fate depending on our location in the time-scale and an attempt to transgress these boundaries beyond history and identity frames, in order to finally re-invent ourselves, as well as our inner and outer environments.

     Time as an abstract concept, ontological ground, absolute and independent of a perceiver. Time as an energy, source of knowledge and paradoxes, transmutational archivist, experiential transmitter. Time as what absorbs us completely, playing and constantly interacting with us. We as a vessel of particles, lost and fluctuating in the spacetime matrix, searching for new upgraded versions of ourselves. Where are we, actually? Is this all just about setting the context and the current perspectives parallax?


The theme of the year was  formulated as this formula.

     The equation is open for interpretation, without an absolute answer. In which we invite you to position as the “x” , the initial point of our journey.

* x = YOU
     We see the journey here not just as body displacement that brings you to somewhere unfamiliar like Stadt Wehlen, but also as the transient states of mind travels between knowing and unknowing. A conscious and constant decision based on your past, that leads towards the unknowns, or, continuous redefinitions the knowns into the creation of new unknowns. We would like to focus on the driving forces behind these transitional states, as artistic approaches investigating these questions below and beyond.