For this year’s edition of the outsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsidein laboratory we are inviting other collective(s) or individual who has experience with creative collectivness to merge with our own. We propose the following question: What is a collective among collectives?


 We intend to explore dimensions of togetherness, care and collectivity with the intention of creating one singular piece based on art practices and beyond that the OUTSIDEININSIEOUTINSIDEOUTOUTSIDEIN collective and the other invited collectives will collaborate on.


       Cooperation is something more than just a mechanism for collective management of resources, and so can be a way to overcome the systems that rule both the art world and everyday life. When resources change into shared goods, how can they be activated for the sake of community-building? What role does art play in the process? Can collective cooperation build a community, even temporarily or beyond time-lines? 






*                —as a collective we  invite you to                          imagine—                                     * 

                                 shapes tastes

                       textures &                languages 

                                 thresholds we will meet.

                              we would like 

                 to generate a cared space 

                      driven by our dreams & obscure                                                    dreamscapes 

                          to hear voices, to resonate 

                 To attune to other species


                flowing with a soup of senses, of                                               belongings,

                   of techniques and processes to un-                                 re-follow a path 

*                                                                                                                                        *

Exhibition in Gallery 

“Zaazrak Dornych” , 

Brno, 16.11-07.12.2023


      We value your personal journey, experience and knowledge as much as the uncertainties that are dwelling within in ‘you’ towards the future. In fact, perhaps what you don’t know is based on what you know, while what you ‘know’ has already become what you ‘knew’– a ‘new’ unknown in the flux of space-time continuum.


      By asking a question, it inherently manifests answers inside of the question; by answering, it then inevitably generates more questions. 


      This cycle triggers a momentum that is driven by natural forces,and it carries us towards streams of endless encounters.


      By asking questions collectively, “we” orient 

ourselves through mirroring each others– through recognise and discover the difference while sensing and experiencing the connections, in a coordinating space where “we” may resign ourselves from the pre-installed systems driven by instrumentality and functionality, to allow novel emergencies and mutations to co-exist in open-spaces created by the in-betweenness among the other selves.

Have you experienced collective dreamscapes? 

How could/can you simulate the way of thinking collectively (while being just with yourself)? 

Does your mind follow certain paths differently ?

 Does your consciousness go back and forth ? 

Towards the threads of multiplicity ? Is it a challenge to think, explore your mind this way ?

Could you describe 3 textures a collective takes when you visualise them/us in y-our mind ? Is it a stable or shilfting state ? 

Do you meander through collectives ?

Do you live within collectives during residencies mainly or in your everyday life ?

 What are the moments/influences which trigger and generate coexistences ?

 If you can situate those or give an idea about the impulse it gives to you (extended you) 

How to collect collectivity ? 

And how to maintain the energy of evolvements ? 

What is individuality in a collective ? What is collectivity in an individual ?

What is the most profound reflection you have had in a collective ? 

What is your language if you are a left hand? 

Without words how do you communicate?

How can you share if everyone is blinded? 

How are you multiplying ? 

What can collectives do that individuals cannot? 

How do you achieve the feeling of belonging?

How do you do it for yourself? 

How do you make it (possible/easy) for the others? 

Which collectives influenced you the most? Why?

What is your purpose? 

How to touch the vision? 

When will the performance end? 

What is your constant reminder when you are with the 


How do you listen to a collective listening? 

Any recent new knowledge on collective cooking? 

How to engage the collective unconsciousness in a collective?

There are 2 radios playing, volume and frequency, how would you dial it?