This year’s theme of our laboratory –  
The year of Sonic Confession
This year’s laboratory will take place 5.–21.8. in Gallery Torhaus, Stadt Wehlen with the following presentations in Sluggg Gallery, Leipzig and Kafkárna, Prague. 
Sound as the message of the profound potential for connection, meditation, and reflection that lies within the simple act of collective listening. Sound as the body itself—vibrating, resonating, and carrying the memory traces of its surroundings. The voice, as an extension of the body, possesses an interconnected quality with the material world. 
It is not confined to a singular, individual expression but emerges as a collective and interwoven spectral experience. The ability to listen. The choice to listen. 
With this year’s edition we confess the strong presence of sound focused–related projects, researches from previous years of laboratories. We will be exploring the sound relations in dialogue with other mediums, existence, presence, through different sensory paths, perceptions, practices. 
How does the sound shape us? And how is the sound present? That sounds…
How does technology which uses electricity coexist with nature and how do they nourish, inspire each other. How to approach technology in a sustainable way where the mycelium of structure is decentralized, does not own and does not exploit.
Where the relations in between are in a way of exchange and communication. We would like to establish dialogues between nature and electric/electrical entities, or at least become aware of them and open a space for possibilities, change, and embodiment. 
For this year’s edition, we are inviting enthusiasts to take part in exploration of possibilities of ways of communication, beyond-sound based entities and spaces. Everyone with whom such streams resonate, and who is interested. 
Concept of laboratory, structure, place
Within the nonhierarchical structure of collective-organization we aim to create a space where one_us can share, learn and exchange beyond the old hierarchical modes, spectrally and in multiple layers of existence and psyché. 
In the place of residency, we practice collective cooking, shared activities in exchange based knowledge set ups, and regular channeling circles, where we update on each process, mood, upcoming ideas, realizations. Part of the laboratory is a one day–one night public event where we share outcomes and work in progress from the laboratory. 
In this year, there will be the following workshops and lectures, in which participants of the laboratory can take part.
*Field recording, acoustic ecology
*Radio transmitters workshop & Radio streaming (oolongradio)
*Voice and body workshop; transformations of voice with a help of AI & (Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya a Katarina Kadijević)
*Silent day
*Technofeminism a permacomputing, intersection of technology and nature (Michal Klodner)
*Spatial sound workshop (Michał Chrul)
*Herbalism as a reading earth practice (Matouš Lipus)
*Experiencing ‘something’ instead of ‘nothing’ through a one-liner methodology for personal notebooks and SuperCollider”  (Andrejs Poikāns)
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To enter the call: 
 > Pick up 3 questions and reply to them in any way, form, medium you feel to.
> Please generate 3 questions to us in written English. By doing so, you agree that your questions will be documented and published on our website, as the initial contact space for the “feedback loops” between other applicants, the collective, and wider viewers, you can choose to publish your questions anonymously. These questions will contribute to the on-going open-(re)source of our exploration and experimentation during and after this year’s laboratory.
> Please select 1-3 of your works that respond to our thematic direction that you wish to share with us in any formats– pdf, jpeg, video link, audio link, webpage.
> Personal website that presents  previous experiences, if you don’t have one, please send us the pdf file.
> Please put the required information in one PDF file and send to:

With this open call we will like to invite:

– 5 laboratory participants for the duration of 17 days, from 5th to 21th of August 2024

Selection Process

Our selection process comes out from questions which oiioiooi shares as a part of opencall, inviting applicants to pick and answer specific number of questions they choose upon their taste. The Q&A always first consists of reading and selecting the answers from questions. This is done anonymously, where the identity of all applicants is non and equal, and oiioiooi members don’t know who is who. This we find a very crucial approach, which creates the place without hierarchy and with no “personal interest” engagement. In the 2nd stage we uncover the names which were behind the shared answers, taking a look at sent portfolios. In the 3rd stage we invite a shortlist of applicants for an online interview. When the final selection is made we send an email letter to all who applied, sharing the results.

Applications to the opencall and any questions send to:

Deadline for Application: 26.6.2024

Announcement of the results: 10.7.2024